Prior to joining EPF, I was overweight resulting in zero confidence about the way I looked. Today I am strong both physically and mentally. I am confident there is nothing I can’t do. Some have described the change in me as if I found religion. That’s partly true, I found fitness. Real fitness. At 45, I am healthier than I have ever been.”

Melody H.

Before I joined my Elite Physique Family, I was depressed, frustrated and my self-confidence was really low— talk about a total transformation! I started weighing 145.8 lbs, with a Body Fat Percentage of 33.8%. At the End of a 6 Week Challenge my weight was 133lbs and my Body Fat percentage had dropped to 27.1%! I feel like I’m part of a FAMILY. EPF is the best, in my opinion, and worth every penny!”

Traci Pena



Don’t ever give up! I love Elite Physique!

Just wanted to share my progress! I started Elite Physique in March weighting 223.6 lbs. My husband deployed at the beginning of April, and I was around 213. Today, I’m around 186. My goal was to be around 180 when he came back. He will be back around the beginning of October! Yay! I may surpass my “back from deployment” goal! I went from being around a size 20 to fitting in some 14s! Can’t wait for my husband to see my transformation! Don’t ever give up! I love Elite Physique!

-Whitnie Brown

Thank you for all you have done for me!

One year ago (as of last week) I joined a very special gym, Elite Physique. They have become like a family to me. I have metso many people I am honored to call my friends. I know I have worked hard, and still have work to do, but I know beyond at shadow of a doubt I couldn’t and wouldn’t have stuck with it without the push and encouragement from some very special people. Thank you for all you have done for me!

-Dawn Mandeville

Thank you Paula Hockett Tew Shaw for following your dream!

About a year ago I started on a journey. Lile did I know where it would take me. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs, over 10 inches overall and almost 10% body fat. What I gained were owners who truly care about their campers, trainers who are
awesome and so many friends who feel like family. Thank you Paula Hockett Tew Shaw for following your dream!

-Barabara Flooad


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